Trautvetteria caroliniensis (Walter) Vail

False Bugbane


CC = 10
CW = -3
MOC = 1
SRank = S2

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Family - Ranunculaceae

Stems - No info yet.

Leaves - No info yet.

Trautvetteria_caroliniensis_basal_leaf.jpg Basal leaf.

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Inflorescence - No info yet.


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Flowers - No info yet.


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Trautvetteria_caroliniensis_fruits.jpg Fruits.

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Flowering - June - August.

Habitat - North-facing imestone bluffs.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This species is extremely rare in Missouri being found in only one county. The plant is more common, but still not abundant, in states to the east and south. This is an easy species to identify becasue of its palmately divided leaves and large inflorescences of white flowers. The plant blooms later in the year than most other species in the Ranunculaceae.
Steyermark reported that this is one of the rarest plants in the state.

Photographs taken at Coon Creek, Tallapoosa County, AL., 6-13-06.