Kniphofia uvaria (L.) Oken

Redhot Poker


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Family - Asphodelaceae

Stems - Aerial stems (scapes) to +1m tall, erect, herbaceous, glabrous, glaucous, simple, single from base, hollow to subhollow, from thickened root crown.

Leaves - In basal rosette, linear, grasslike, to +40cm long, 2cm broad, partially folded, either entire or with minute, sharp teeth along the margins, glabrous, glaucous.

Kniphofia_uvaria_leaf_edge.jpg Leaf margin.

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Inflorescence - Dense indeterminate spikiform raceme to 20cm tall. Pedicels to 2mm long. Flowers drooping.


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Flowers - Perianth yellow to orange-red or all red, tubular, 6-lobed, glabrous. Tube to +2.5cm long. Lobes 2-3mm long, rounded to acute. Stamens 6 (sometimes 4), slightly exserted or included. Filaments to 2.5cm long, glabrous. Anthers yellow, 2mm long and broad. Style 2.7cm long, whitish, glabrous. Ovary superior, glabrous, 3-4mm long, 3-locular. Placentation axile. Fruit dehiscent by 6 valves, many seeded.

Kniphofia_uvaria_flowers.jpg Flowers close-up.

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Flowering - May - June.

Habitat - Cultivated.

Origin - Native to southern Africa.

Other info. - The genus Kniphofia is popular in cultivation. Many different varieties of each species are grown. If you wish to see more of the varieties, do a search on the web, you'll find plenty of sites which discuss the genus.
These plants can form large clumps over time.

Photographs taken in Auburn, AL., 5-30-05.