Solidago nemoralis Ait.

Woodland Goldenrod

Solidago nemoralis plant

Family - Asteraceae

Stems - No info yet.

Solidago nemoralis stem

Leaves - No info yet.

Solidago nemoralis leaves

Inflorescence - No info yet.

Involucre - No info yet.

Solidago nemoralis involucreInvolucre.

Ray flowers - No info yet.

Solidago nemoralis flowers

Disk flowers - No info yet.

Flowering - June - November.

Habitat - Dry open ground, prairies, eroded slopes, fallow fields, glades, loess hills, dry open woods, thickets, roadsides, railroads.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This species can be found throughout Missouri. The plant can be identified by the pubescence and grayish color of its leaves. The leaves have a soft, yet scratchy feel to them. The feel is hard to describe in words but is about equal to P600 grit sandpaper. This feel, combined with the crenate-serrate margins, makes the basal leaves of this plant easy to identify in the field.

Photographs taken off Lee Rd 10, Lee County, AL., 10-2-04.