Lobelia siphilitica f. albiflora Britt.

Great Blue Lobelia

Lobelia siphilitica plant

Family - Campanulaceae

Stems - To 2.2m tall, angled, hairy on angles or not.

Leaves - Alternate, 2-6cm broad, to 15cm long, typically with pubescence on both surfaces - but not always, with some teeth on margins, sessile or on very short petioles, oblong to lanceolate.

Inflorescence - Terminal and axillary racemes, with at least 20 flowers but usually many more.

Flowers - Perianth to +/- 3cm long. Corolla white, tubular, with five lobes - two on upper portion, three below.

Flowering - August - October.

Habitat - Moist to wet soils.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This plant appears to grow taller than typical L. siphilitica with blue-purple flowers. It is quite striking and I was pleased to find it growing wild at the zoo (just this one plant), since it is uncommon in this state. This is the only time I have seen this plant.
Don't confuse this plant with L. spicata which has much smaller flowers and is a generally smaller plant.

Photograph taken at the Kansas City Zoo, 8-13-99.