Echinodorus berteroi var. lanceolatus (Engelm.) Fassett

Echinodorus berteroi plant

Family - Alismataceae

Leaves - In basal rosette. Alternate, petiolate. The blade cordate at base, rounded, glabrous.

Inflorescence - Tall, upright, branching panicle. The branches opposite. Flower clusters in whorls at node of branches and subtended by leafy bracts. Main stalk winged.

Flowers - Petals 3, 5mm long, white. Sepals 3, 4mm long, alternating with petals. Ovary compound, globose, stamens many, inserted at base of ovary.

Echinodorus berteroi plant

Flowering - July - September.

Habitat - Wet locations, usually, but not always, submerged as in picture.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - Not as popular an aquatic as the related genus Sagittaria, this plant is still sometimes cultivated and sold for outdoor ponds and aquaria.

Photograph taken off Highway 9, near Parkville, MO., 7-8-99.