Ribes odoratum H.L. Wendl.

Golden Currant


CC = 10
CW = 5
MOC = 13

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Family - Grossulariaceae

Stems - No info yet.

Leaves - No info yet.


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Inflorescence - No info yet.

Flowers - No info yet.


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© DETenaglia

Flowering - April - June.

Habitat - Exposed high rocky limestone bluffs. Sometimes cultivated.

Origin - Native to the U.S.

Other info. - This fragrant-flowered species can only be found in a handful of southern Missouri counties along the Jack's Fork and White Rivers. The plant has been cultivated and has escaped from cultivation in states to the east and south.
The edible fruits of this species were eaten by settlers and and natives. They are, however, full of seeds.

Photographs taken at the Kansas City Zoo, 6-29-99.