Canna L.

Canna plant

Family - Cannaceae

Stems - To +120cm tall, herbaceous, glabrous, sometimes glaucous, from thick, stout rhizomes.

Leaves - Alternate, with sheathing petioles, oval, elliptic or oblong, green, purple, bronze or combinations of the three, to 60cm long.

Inflorescence - Terminal panicle with a variable number of flowers.

Flowers - Corolla typically red, orange, yellow, or combinations of the three, to 7.5cm long. Petals 3. Stamen single. Sepals colored similar to petals.

Flowering - July - November.

Habitat - Cultivated in rich, moist soil.

Origin - Most cultivated plants are native to tropical America.

Other info. - Most of the cultivated plants seen are cultivars of Canna x generalis (around 14 I think), but other species are cultivated widely.
The plants vary greatly in size and color. Some smaller plants are grown from seed while the larger plants are typically grown by planting the rhizome in early spring.

Photograph taken at Powell Gardens, 9-2-99.