Rosa multiflora Thunb.

Multiflora Rose

Rosa multiflora plant

Family - Rosaceae

Stems - To +3m tall, multiple, erect to ascending or sprawling, woody below, with many recurved prickles, from a branched taproot and stolons.

Leaves - Alternate, odd-pinnate, with 5-9 leaflets. Leaflets oblong, elliptic or ovate, serrate, to +3cm long, glabrous above, pubescent below. Stipules at base of petiole fimbriate-pectinate. Petioles pubescent.

Rosa multiflora leaf

Inflorescence - Terminal panicles, usually broader than long(tall). Pedicels glandular pubescent.

Flowers - Corolla to -3cm broad, rotate. Petals 5, typically pinkish but frequently all white, distinct, to 1cm long. Stamens many. Hypanthium present, glabrous. Sepals 5, to 1cm long.

Rosa multiflora calyx

Rosa multiflora flower

Flowering - May - June.

Habitat - Waste ground, thickets, fence rows, roadsides, railroads. Also cultivated.

Origin - Native to Japan.

Other info. - There are many species of Rosa in Missouri. This species is the easiest to identify because of the comblike (fimbriate-pectinate) stipules at the base of the leaf petioles. This is an invasive species which can ruin native habitat if left unchecked. It should not be willingly planted as it spreads very quickly. Birds enjoy the fruits and thus, spread the seeds.

Photographs taken at the Honey Creek Conservation Area, Andrew County, MO., 5-28-00.