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Plant ID sites with a regional focus:

Alabama Plants - My newest creation, not as thorough as this site yet, but getting there.

Wildflowers of Alabama - A neat little site by a neat little lady - Caroline R. Dean, she really likes her plants.

Flora Online - In my opinion, the undisputed champion of a web-based botanical field guide...
...if it was finished.

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses - Basically like my site except fewer plants and less info. Some really good pics though.

Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians and North Carolina - I haven't had a chance to explore this page much yet.

Vascular plants of South Carolina - A county by county checklist of plants put together by the good folks at Clemson University.

Wildflowers of Western Kentucky - Good pics of those Kentucky plants.

Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants Online - From the master of Florida plants, Dr. Richard P. Wunderlin.

Florida Plants Page - Another good page for Florida plants.

Wildflowers of Oklahoma - From a guy who is passionate about wildflowers. Good pics.

Flowering Plants of Hawaii - From the University of Hawaii. Some good pics here.

Hawaii plants - Many many pics of those Hawaiian plants.

Wildflowers of Ohio - Well, actually just one college campus in Ohio. Check it for yourself.

Photo Album of Western Plants - Not much info. but some good pics by Christopher Christie.

Trees of the Michigan U.P. - I haven't searched the site much but check out that cool background pic!

University of Connecticut Plant Database - Haven't really had a chance to check out this site, but it looks good.

Colby College Plant Taxonomy Page - New England plants and other info.

Texas A&M University Biota site - Very good place to learn about natural Texas.

Wildflowers of the Northeast and North-central U.S. - Eleanor Shelton's expression of her passion for plants. She is great with the graphics.

Noble Foundation Image Gallery - A nice gallery of plants growing in Texas and Oklahoma, mostly.

Fermilab Species - See what lives around a particle accelerator in Illinois.

Wellesley College Web of Species - A neat site from a women's liberal arts college in Massachusetts. You can explore this site for some time.

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina - A great site for learning what not to eat in N.C.

USDA - Good plant info. brought to you by you.

California plants and their names - A neat site by Michael Charters describing the origins of nomenclature for the California flora. Good stuff!

Delaware Wildflowers - A nice site by David Smith. Plenty of good pics.

Southwest Colorado Plants - A nice site by Al Schneider featuring the plants of the 4-corners area of the United States.

Flora of Jordan - Nice site about Jordan and the flora found there.

Intermountain Wildflowers - Nice pics of intermountain wildflowers of Utah. Brought to you by Southern Utah University.

Botanical Image Database - MANY good pics of MANY species, mostly from Europe and the surrounding areas. Very good site - Easy to navigate and find individual species.

Montana Plant Life - A nice site gone to the dark side and wanting folks to pay-up to see the pics. Every man has his price.

Wild Plants of Malta - A great site by Stephen Misfud. Good pictures and great information.

Native Trees of the Southern Rocky Mountians - A nice site by Stuart Wier to help ID those Rocky Mountain trees.

Plants of Belgium - A nice site by Paul Busselen of the Catholic University of Leuven in Kortrijk. Better have Flash and Java enabled.

French plants and villages - I do not speak French but the photos speak for themselves.

Sites about specific types of plants:

Phoenix Tropical Gardens - Nice site by Phillipe and Sura. Good info. and good pics.

Edible landscaping plants - If you want to eat what you grow and still keep up with the Jones.

Tree Trends - A blog to discuss and learn about trees.

The Big List - The big list of tree species with info. and pics. This site is very well done!

Weed Collection - Some decent pics of "weeds" by Peter Sforza at Virginia Tech.

The Alpine Garden - A great site by Alan G. - Tons of excellent pics, great info, and an expansive links page.

Famine Foods - I love the logo. Check this site out in-case you're thinking about going off the grid.

The Poisonous Plant Page - Made by some folks at Cornell University. A good page by I don't think it has been updated in a while.

Poisonous Plant Page of the FDA - Just a massive listing of plants which exhibit toxicity, and a place to look for reference material.

The Succulent Page - A fine page by Richard Hodgkiss, a succulent master.

Lovett Pinetum Charitable Foundation - You want to know about Pines? Go here. These folks know Pines. Good quotes too.

Edge of the Prairie - A cool page all about some forgotten prairies.

Tree Fruit Extension Team - From Washington State University, a great place to discuss fruit tree topics. They even have a forum. - Great information about those Northern Forests.

Plants Database - THE place to go to find pics of plants used in cultivation.

NEWCROP - From Purdue University. A place to learn about new crop plants being developed for sale at a grocery store near you.

Native American Ethnobotany - A nice site from the University of Michigan at Dearborn. Teaching all we would have known already had we just paid attention.

Gentian Research Network - A good site all about the family Gentianaceae. Enable your pop-up blocker though.

Dendrology at Virginia Tech - A nice site by a school that should have a national champion football team.

Botanical Gardens and Arboreta:

Missouri Botanical Garden - The best botanical garden in the country.

The Internet Directory for Botany - If you want to find a botanical institution, this is the place to look. You could surf for a very long time from this page.

North Carolina Botanical Garden - A fine site from the folks at the University of N.C. Chapel Hill.

Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew - Nice site, great botanical garden.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden - Like it says - The Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

The Chicago Botanical Garden - Actually it's the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Denver Botanic Gardens - "My sweet Rocky Mountain paradise." - J.D.

Huntington Botanical Garden - A classy joint in California, really.

Salisbury State University Arboretum - An excellent site for pics of plants.


Ozark Regional Herbarium - There's more to this page than the name suggests. There is some good stuff here.

University of North Carolina Herbarium - If you don't know much about herbaria, you will after you visit this page.

University of Tennessee Herbarium - Good stuff here about the flora of a great state.

Botanical societies:

Missouri Native Plant Society - If you live in Missouri, this is the group to be in.

Arkansas Native Plant Society - If you're ever in Arkansas, check these folks out.

The North American Native Plant Society - Exactly what it says.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists - Just in case you want to keep abreast of the latest changes in plant nomenclature.

Wild Ones - Another organization for those native plant enthusiasts (like myself).

The Connecticut Botanical Society - Quite a few good pics here, plus a bunch of other stuff.

California Rare Fruit Growers - A good place to learn about fruits you probably haven't eaten yet, but someday will.

Weed Science Society of America - All you need to know about weeds. Buy the 1000 weed CD!!

For Profit Organizations:

XID Services - The best software yet for identifying plants, developed by the weed master, Rich Old.

Proven Winners - Genetic tampering for the sake of a good looking lawn. No one does it like them.

Miles' to Go - A great on-line cacti and succulent store. - For all you growers out there. Lots of info here.

Flora of India books - Need books about the flora of India? This is where to find it.

Borneo Exotics - If you're into Pitcher plants (Nepenthes) this is the place for you. Cool sounds too.

Easy Wildflowers - Another good place to buy wildflowers native to the Midwest and the Northeast U.S.

Hortworld - The one stop web source for all your horticultural needs.

Cactus Mall - The absolute on-line resource for all your cacti and succulent needs. This site is huge and has many many links. Make sure you have plenty of time to surf before you go here.

Paul Christian's Rare Plants - From the UK - some good pics of what you are buying. He has a bunch of stuff.

Prairie Frontier - Many people are restoring there property back to prairie, these folks can help.

Forest World - Another site for folks that are more woodworking oriented. VERY good info on wood and wood uses.

Chinese therapeutic herb page - Learn about what the ancients used and why...
...and then buy it.

B & T World Seeds - A good place for seeds from around the globe. Check out the common name look-up page.

Miscellaneous sites:

Missouri Department of Conservation - A great site for learning about natural Missouri. Check out the Natural Areas page and find some neat places to go.

Grow Native! - A great program from the MDC to help you landscape with native Missouri species. Check it out.

The Secret Garden - Floral radiographs, very cool.

Garden Web - This place rocks. I frequent the Name That Plant gallery.

Phytochemistry tutorials - Some basic phytochem knowledge if your not up to speed. Also some herbal therapy garb.

Ohio State University Plant Dictionary - A VERY informative site from Ohio State, not just a plant dictionary.

Garden Gate Botanical Nomenclature Page - A place to learn what scientific names mean and why they are important.

The Pollination Page - If you weren't up to speed on pollination, you will be after visiting this site by David Green. It's well done.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets - Find out what all these Latin names actually mean! - A fun and very informative site by Chelsie Vandaveer. Chelsie is another person who gave considerable time and effort to make the University of South Florida Botanical Garden a better place. Hi Chelsie!

Perennial Gardening on the Prairie - A good site by Maureen and Glen Lee from Regina, Sasketchewan. Many good digital pics and some good info.

Agroforestry Research Trust - If your in the UK this is a good place to get some neat botanical edibles. They have some cool products too.

British Columbia Farm Products - Interesting facts about the food crops which come out of BC.

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America - Good stuff about invasives on this continent... many of us.

Henriette's Herbal Home Page - A great site about culinary and medicinal herbs, lots of photos too.

Delta Database of Flowering Plant Families - A nice site with information about the Angiosperm families and a system of keys and information retrieval. Really good information here.

IPGRI - THE place to find out about genetic engineering in plants. A well-done site.

Wildman's Site - If you find yourself visiting NYC and decide you'd like to learn about some wild edible plants, this is the guy to call.

More plant links - A good set of plant-based links in case you haven't gotten enough here.

That's all for now.