Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw.

Family - Urticaceae

Stems - No info. yet.

Leaves - No info. yet.

Adaxial surface.

Abaxial surface.

Inflorescence - No info. yet.

Flowers - No info. yet.


Flowering - June - October.

Habitat - Swampy meadows, along streams and spring branches, low wet woods.

Origin - Native to U.S.

Other info. - This species can be found throughout most of Missouri except for in the extreme northwest corner of the state. The plant resembles other species in its family, most importantly Urtica dioica L. and Laportea canadensis (L.) Gaud., which are both stinging nettles. B. cylindrica has opposite leaves and no stinging hairs. It is a harmless plant. The stems of this species are 4-angled with rounded angles and each internode of the stem has a deep vertical groove.

Photographs taken in Brown Summit, NC., 8-1-02.