Galanthus nivalis L.



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Family - Liliaceae

Habit - Perennial forb from a bulb.

Galanthus_nivalis_bulbs.jpg Bulbs.

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Stems - Ascending, to 25 cm, herbaceous, glabrous.

Leaves - Basal, linear, flat, usually shorter than aerial stems, glabrous, dark green.

Galanthus_nivalis_leaves2.jpg Leaves and basal sheaths.

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Galanthus_nivalis_leaves.jpg Leaves.

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Flower - Flowers pendent. Outer 3 tepals white, elliptic or obovate, descending. Inner 3 tepals shorter, pendent, white with distal green spot.

Galanthus_nivalis_flower.jpg Flower.

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Galanthus_nivalis_flower2.jpg Flower.

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Galanthus_nivalis_flower3.jpg Sectioned flower showing ovary, stamens, and style.

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Galanthus_nivalis_fruits.jpg Fruits.

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Galanthus_nivalis_fruits2.jpg Sectioned fruit. Seeds are probably not viable.

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Flowering - February - March.

Habitat - Mesic, partially shaded areas.

Origin - Native to Europe.

Lookalikes - Distantly, Leucojum aestivum.

Other info. - This little species one of the first to bloom in early spring. It is always associated with past cultivation events, e.g. at old homesites and cemeteries, and can persist for many decades. An extant population in St. Charles county was originally planted at some time prior to 1940. The plants wander only slightly from their cultivated location and do not pose an invasion threat.

Photographs taken at Shaw Nature Reserve, Franklin County, MO, 2-26-2012, 3-17-2015, and 2-22-2020, and at Weldon Spring Conservation Area, St. Charles, MO, 2-28-2012 (SRTurner).