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Photographs and descriptions of the flowering and
non-flowering plants of Missouri, USA

Plants are categorized by flower color and/or leaf characteristics.

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~1270 plants to date.

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Throughout this site you will see numerous references to Steyermark. These are referring to the original masterwork of Missouri plants - "Flora of Missouri" by Julian Steyermark, published by Iowa State University Press, November 1963, with some reprintings. The book is no longer in print and can be hard to find for sale. Fortunately, it has been updated by Dr. George Yatskievych of the Missouri Botanical Garden, with support from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Yatskievych's revised Flora of Missouri (three volumes) is now available from the Missouri Botanical Garden Press and elsewhere. This set is a must-have for anyone with a serious interest in Missouri flora, and has also been used extensively as the primary reference work during construction and maintenance of these web pages.

The Categories:


White flower Opposite White flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

White flower Alternate White flowers, Leaves alternate

Pink flower Opposite Pink flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Pink flower Alternate Pink flowers, Leaves alternate

Red flower Opposite Red flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Red flower AlternateRed flowers, Leaves alternate

Blue flower Opposite Blue or Purple flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Blue flower Alternate Blue or Purple flowers, Leaves alternate

Yellow flower Opposite Yellow flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Yellow flower Alternate Yellow flowers, Leaves alternate

Green flower Opposite Greenish flowers, Leaves opposite or whorled

Green flower Alternate Greenish flowers, Leaves alternate

Flower animation Flowers of other colors

Fern pic No flowers, plants reproducing by spores

Cyperus pic Sedges and Rushes

Grass pic Grasses

Flowers in catkins

List of all plants in alphabetical order

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